Mána Hjörleifsdóttir Taylor is a writer, editor, and event curator currently living in New York City.

She is the co-founder and editor of a magazine called The Documentarian, which strives for critical and original documentation in artistic forms. 

As a writer, she has been published in Chicago Artist Writers, Newcity, Tides Magazine, and the Chicago Reader. As a collaborator, her words have also been featured at Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway), Mana Contemporary (Chicago), Arc Gallery (Chicago), and BBK Studios (Berlin) to accompany artworks.

She is also a frequent collaborator and producer in the experimental ambient music scene. She has curated experimental sound events in Chicago and New York.

She is available for editorial assignments or artistic collaborations: manahaotaylor[at]gmail[dot]com

photo by David Weindorf