Mána Hjörleifsdóttir Taylor is a writer and editor currently living in New York, NY.

She is the co-founder and editor of a magazine called The Documentarian, which strives for critical and original documentation in numerous forms; through writing, sound, photography and other mediums. 

Her work is influenced by mixing artistic processes with documentary research. She frequently collaborates with visual artists, poets, and musicians as a creative director, writer, and assistant editor.

Her art reviews have been published in Chicago Artist Writers, Newcity, Tides Magazine, and the Chicago Reader. Her creative nonfiction has been published in General Subject Magazine, Mouse Magazine, Plates Journal, and Feminist Rant. Her words have also been featured at Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway), Mana Contemporary (Chicago), Arc Gallery (Chicago), and BBK Studios (Berlin).

She has a B.A. from Bard College in Human Rights and Literature.

She speaks French and Icelandic with native fluency, and intermediate German. She is available for editorial assignments or artistic collaborations: manahaotaylor[at]gmail[dot]com

photo by Gabriella Achadinha